Partial Overlay (Face-Frame) Cabinets
Residential Technology, Inc.

Partial overlay, or face-frame cabinets incorporate a frame just behind the doors and drawer fronts that is revealed in the large gap (typically one inch or more) between adjacent doors and drawer fronts. The face-frame covers the edges of the cabinet box, and is plainly visible when the doors and drawers are closed.

The advantage partial overlay cabinets offer is they look more like furniture, especially if the frame is "dropped" to the floor at the ends, and the adjustment of doors and drawers is not as critical because the gap between them is so large. For this reason, the price of partial overlay cabinets may be slightly less than full overlay even though a face-frame has to be built.

The face-frame is generally finished the same as the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, although for effect, it can be finished differently.