Full-Overlay Cabinets
Residential Technology, Inc.

Full overlay cabinets incorporate doors and drawer fronts that almost meet at the edges. There is a small gap, typically one-eighth of an inch, between adjacent doors and door fronts. There is no frame (known as a face-frame) behind and inbetween the doors and drawer fronts. Instead, the doors and drawer fronts overlay the cabinet box walls (typically three quarters of an inch).

The advantage of full-overlay cabinets there is no face-frame, therefore openings for doors and drawers are slightly larger in height and width (typically one to one and a half inches larger) than other cabinet styles. Full overlay, also know as "European" style, has a slightly cleaner look than other cabinet styles, especially when incorporating either flat, flat panel, country or Shaker style doors.

Full overlay cabinet box edges are generally finished the same as the doors and drawer fronts. The edges are fully visible only when a door or drawer is open.